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Remedium was amongst the winners at Prototypes For Humanity 

We are excited to announce that Remedium has been awarded the prize in Corporate Solutions category in the inaugural ‘Prototypes for Humanity Award’ (Prototypes for Humanity).

Prototypes for Humanity 2022 features $100,000 in prizes awarded to four teams showcasing at the event. Three of the prizes are given to projects in environment, health, and society. Corporate solutions is a special category and the only award being contested amongst all 100 projects across all disciplines, given to a project that can help companies to contribute to a better future.

We hope that this will be a steppingstone for Remedium to further develop its technology. We would like to thank the organisers for giving us an opportunity to present Remedium’s solution at DIFC.

Winner announcement link Prototypes For Humanity Website: here

Winner announcement link LinkedIn: here

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