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A Remedium Story

Remedium was founded in March 2022 through a collaborative work between University of Cambridge and University of Calgary. Its story began in 2020 when Moji was a visiting scholar at University of Cambridge where Omid was doing his PhD. Omid and Moji quickly recognized their common interest in finding solutions to mitigate climate change.

Moji was working on a ground-breaking new sorbent material for capturing carbon dioxide and Omid was working on developing a new grid-scale battery capable of storing electricity at a low cost. The battery technology Omid was developing needed a material that could withstand operating at high temperatures. They realized that the material Moji was developing is an ideal candidate for use in this new battery technology. They continued their collaboration even during the pandemic until their technology's huge potential became evident through modelling and lab-scale testing in 2022 when they decided to found Remedium and rest are to be written.....  

Meet the Team


Co-founder & CEO

Omid Saghafifar, PhD

Omid (Mohammad) Saghafifar is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge Engineering Department. Omid holds a PhD in Engineering from University of Cambridge where he developed a new grid-scale battery.

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Moji (2).png

Co-founder & CTO

Moji Hashemi, PhD

Moji Hashemi is senior CCUS knowledge analyst at Boston Consulting Group. He holds a PhD in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering from University of Calgary focusing on developing solid sorbents for carbon capture and storage.

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Open Positions

There are currently no open position. 

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